Is it hard to get your pet to take their medications? Compounded Medications might be the answer!

MedSave Family Pharmacy works closely with your Vet to provide the following:

Flavoring for Medications
Add flavors such as beef, chicken, tuna, apple, salmon and liver to ensure your pet will devour their medications.

Tasty Treat Solutions
Our compounding specialists can prepare medications into individually packaged “treats” to easily administer to your pet with flavoring and the exact amount of medicine in each treat.

Prevention for Dosage Obstacles
By adding flavors and having your pet’s medication packaged into “Tasty Treat” can help prevent the age old challenges of administering medications such as giving too much or too little of the medicine.


Commercially Unavailable Medications

Some commercially manufactured medications are not available in the dosage appropriate for your pet’s size and weight. By compounding the prescription instead we can customize the dosage.

Make Medication a Treat for Your pet! Ask your Veterinarian about compounding options.