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MedSave Family Pharmacy is your local, independent pharmacy located in Bemidji, MN. Owner, Richard Chernugal opened his doors in 1982 and has grown a successful business while adding many new services along the way. We want people to be healthy; we educate people to live proactive lifestyles through nutrition and fitness. Richard along with his staff focus on building relationships with their customers and giving them the education and customer service they deserve.

If you are looking for a pharmacy that provides you with the old fashioned level of service and a pharmacy that truly cares about your health, then MedSave Family Pharmacy in Bemidji is for you!

At MedSave we do more than JUST prescriptions! We genuinely care about the health of our customers and would welcome the opportunity to work with you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Meet Our Staff


Richard Chernugal (Owner/Pharmacist), Jamie Peplinski (PharmD), Pam Riggs (Business Office Manager/CPhT), Julie Laitala (CPhT/Store Manager), Ted Selberg (Compounding Lab Manager), Tim Furfaro (PharmD)


Tim Furfaro, Jamie Peplinski and Richard Chernugal


Pam Riggs and Sabrina Chernugal

Long Term Care

Angie Dobson and Tina Henrickson


Ted Selberg, Paul Smith, Jamie Peplinski and Tim Furfaro

Services and Products

  • Counseling on first fill of each new prescription
  • Advice on over-the-counter medication purchases
  • Custom compounding of your medication to match your specific needs
  • Patient adherence packaging to help you take your medications as prescribed
  • Medication Therapy Management - making sure you are reaching your therapeutic goals at the lowest cost
  • Health care screenings
  • Point of care screening laboratory
  • Free delivery service. Busy at work or can't leave the office? Let us come to you! We offer our customers in Bemidji free Monday-Friday prescription delivery.
  • Mail service
  • Online refill requests
  • Automated dispensing machine
  • Drive-thru service
  • Insurance billing for most insurance plans including Medicare, MA and Worker's Compensation
  • Thirty day charge accounts to qualified applicants
  • Convenient parking
  • Access to pharmacists
  • Free blood pressure checks
  • Patient assistance programs
  • Diabetic supplies - insulin, strips, medications, etc.

We are happy to offer a wide selection of non-prescription products including vitamins, supplements, minerals, incontinence products, diabetic supplies, bariatric advantage products and much more. If there is a specific product that you are looking for and we do not have it in stock, please ask us if it is something that we can order.

Here are a few of the lines of products that we carry:

NowWe carry a full line of NOWⓇ vitamins, minerals and supplements ranging from men's and women's health to sports nutrition.

Quality at an affordable price!


Bariatric AdvantageThe Bariatric Advantage product line that we carry is primarily made up of adult, chewable vitamins and minerals that can easily and conveniently be taken in daily maintenance formulations as well as in therapeutic formulations. You can order online HERE.



EOur pharmacists highly suggest Pro-Biotiks to our customers. We carry Omega 3 fish oil, Flaxseed oil, Pro-cal and Bio-35. If you would like more information on any of these products feel free to stop in or call to talk to a pharmacist.

Medsave offers a Prescription Sync Program that allows all of a person’s maintenance prescriptions to be refilled on the same day each month, thus eliminating multiple trips to the pharmacy each month.

Medsave offers the Dispill prescription packing system for people who find it hard to keep track of meds. The system packages all of the morning meds together in a easy to use bottle dose. All the noon, evening and bedtime meds are bottled separately as a time dose. This prevents confusion for the patients that takes several medications.

Medsave is a participating pharmacy in the IMedicare program. This program allows Medsave to assist patients in selecting the proper Part D insurance plans for their particular needs. It shows the patient what each prescription will cost by Part D Plan and what the total costs of their medications along with Insurance Premium costs will be for the year. This allows the patient to make a more intelligent decision when choosing a Part D Drug Plan.


Community Involvement

MedSave Family Pharmacy believes it is important to play an active role in our community. We believe we should re-invest in the community and an important way of doing that is by contributing to organizations and issues that are important to our community.
More Information
Areas we are primarily interested in contributing to in the Bemidji area are:

  •  Children and youth programs (including but not limited to: youth sports teams, Boys and  Girls Club, after-school programs, mentoring programs, free kids' vitamins and prenatal vitamins, free baby books)

  •  People in crisis (including but not limited to: local food banks, homeless shelters, disaster  relief organizations, domestic violence shelters, crisis pregnancy center)

  •  Promoting arts, culture, and other "enriching" institutions that contribute to a community's quality of life.

Our contributions are for the support of ongoing operations of local organizations. We want to distribute our contributions broadly throughout the community. The committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Donation Request Form


Medicare Part D

Did you know the average person who reviews their Part D plan saves $850?

Open enrollment (October 15 - December 7, 2017) is a great opportunity for you to review and choose a Medicare Part D plan that meets your prescription needs and budget. It is important that you review your plan every year, as both the pharmacies and medications covered can change.

More Information

My insurance program is no longer covering brand name medications during the donut hole (period with no drug coverage, from $2,510 and $5,350), How can I afford to take my medications?

At MedSave Family Pharmacy, we review your medication profile for ways to save. Some of the items we look for are:

        1. Do you qualify for the low income subsidy for the premium for Medicare Part D?

        2. Can we substitute a generic drug for a brand name drug?

        3. Can we, with the permission of your doctor, substitute another medication in the same
        therapeutic class that is generically available?

        4. Is it possible to bill your medication to Medicare Part B by changing your medication to a
        Part B covered product? Hand held inhaler to an aerosolized product?

        5. If your drug is not covered, can we find a similar medication that is?

        6. Are you asking your doctor for samples every time you go to the clinic and do you
        call his/her nurse between visits?

        7. Have you called the Patient Assistance Program through Merit Care clinic for help?
        Phone 1-877-460-9996 for more information.

        8. Have you asked for manufacturer coupons through your doctor or pharmacy?

        9. Have you switched to the lowest price medication within a therapeutic class?

        10. Are you splitting tablets when possible?

        11. Have you looked on the website on your computer? Have a friend help.

        12. Have you discontinued all unnecessary medications? Ask your doctor on each visit or
         solicit the advice of your pharmacist who will work with your doctor. Don't stop any
         medication without your doctors approval.

        13. Have you asked your doctor which medications can be taken on an as needed rather
        than a scheduled basis?

        14. Can you switch to an over-the-counter product?

        15. If you haven't reached the donut hole by years end, have your medication filled as early
         and as often as possible before a new deductible takes effect.

        16. If you are low dose insulin, it is much more economical to use the pre-filled pens rather
        than viles. Most of the modern insulin products out-date/do not hold their potency beyond
        four weeks, therefore much of the product in the vial is ineffective and must be discarded.

        17. Price match at your local pharmacy.

It is always good to keep your physician informed of how you are actually taking your medications, not to just let him/her assume you are taking the medication the way it is prescribed.

Richard Chernugal RPh