What is the Sync Program?

The SyncRx Program is designed to streamline and simplify medication management for patients by synchronizing all of a patient’s prescriptions to be filled once monthly and providing ongoing service of refilling those prescriptions each month for your convenience.


  • Orders are processed by live staff members, not a computer
  • Increased convenience; a single monthly trip to the pharmacy
  • Reduced phone calls to the pharmacy; because we will already schedule your refills
  • Peace of mind in getting all of your medications on time and in order
  • More personal contact with your pharmacist to ask questions and discuss medications
  • Pharmacy will work ahead to make sure that you have refills on your medications
  • Making sure you stay compliant with how your doctor wants you to be taking your medications

If you are interested in having your medications on SyncRx Program please contact Julie Laitala at 218-759-1222 or julie@medsavebemidji.com